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Pharrowtech designs next-generation solutions for fixed-wireless access, wireless VR/AR and ultra-high capacity wireless links. It builds on more than 12 years of top-notch R&D performed at imec, the Belgian R&D powerhouse. Leveraging deep technical expertise in algorithm, chip and antenna design for millimeter-wave systems, it creates products with best-in-class performance, power and cost features.


News & Events

February 25-28 • Barcelona

Mobile World Congress

Pharrowtech thanks all its visitors at MWC in Barcelona for the great interactions ~we had on the main site and in Startup Corner 8 at 4YFN along with other great TEAC startup members. Looking forward to seeing you again next year!

October 16-17, 2018 • London

TIP Summit

As a TEAC startup member, Pharrowtech was showcasing its massive antenna array technology at the TIP Summit on October 16-17, 2018 in London. Read our press release.

October 23-25, 2018 • Berlin

Broadband World Forum

Pharrowtech was exhibitor at Broadband World Forum on 23-25 October 2018 in  Berlin, we thank all our visitors for the great discussions at the startup booth.


Guerric De Streel

is specialized in analog and RF design in advanced CMOS technology with deep expertise in chip-package-antenna co-design for highly-integrated mmWave systems. Guerric holds a PhD in electrical engineering from Université Catholique de Louvain and was a visiting researcher at EPFL’s Radio Frequency Integrated Circuit lab.

Qixian Shi

is an expert RF designer with over 8 years of experience in mm-wave frequency synthesis and distribution for wireless transceivers and automotive applications. He was a key contributor to the first standard compliant 60 GHz transceiver prototype in imec and has been responsible for several projects with top-class industry partners. He is passionate about transferring research results into commercial products. Qixian holds an MSc degree from Katholieke Universiteit Leuven and a PhD degree with highest honor from Vrije Universiteit Brussel.

Khaled Khalaf

is a specialist in system and IC design for mm-wave wireless applications with more than 10 years of experience in mm-wave CMOS IC design R&D. As chip architect, Khaled led the development of imec’s latest generations of 60 GHz phased-array transceivers. He holds a MSc degree from TU Delft and a PhD from VUB in collaboration with imec. He worked with Scenario Design Services and spent 2 years at Infineon Technologies.

Wim Van Thillo

is responsible for strategy, business development and operations. He has more than 10 years of experience in 60 GHz R&D and program management as program director for imec’s activities in cellular, WiFi and mmWave transceivers. In that role, he was essential in shaping the R&D roadmap and business opportunities for emerging wireless technologies. He holds a PhD in electrical engineering and a degree in business economics from the Katholieke Universiteit Leuven and was a visiting researcher at UC Berkeley.



VP Marketing

Senior System Engineer

Senior Antenna & Packaging Designer


VP Marketing

Senior System Engineer

Senior Antenna & Packaging Designer