Senior System Engineer

You are an expert in wireless system definition, design, implementation and measurement. You have solid expertise in algorithm design and DSP implementation, complemented with broad hands-on experience in system-level prototyping and optimization. You lead all software and firmware development activities in tight collaboration with multi-disciplinary team members, suppliers and customers.


We are looking for a senior system engineer to lead all algorithm, software and firmware development activities. Responsibilities include:

  • taking full ownership of all algorithm design and implementation activities;
  • driving all system-level definition, characterization, implementation and debugging activities;
  • leading all interactions with baseband suppliers, software development contractors and customer application engineers.


The successful candidate has a proven industry track record combining a broad understanding of all components in the wireless system with in-depth knowledge of algorithms closely related to beamforming PHY/MAC.

Following requirements are a must, candidates must tick all boxes to be considered:

  • degree in Electrical Engineering or Computer Science with at least 10 years of industrial experience in wireless system design and implementation;
  • in-depth knowledge of digital communications, especially PHY/MAC aspects closely related to beamforming and MIMO, channel estimation and equalization and analog front-end compensation;
  • thorough expertise in algorithm development tools and languages such as Matlab, C/C++ and Python;
  • hands-on experience in prototyping, testing and measurement tools, instruments and platforms.

Following qualifications will make you stand out:

  • proven experience in specification, design, implementation and test of beamforming systems;
  • in-depth knowledge of IEEE 802.11ad/ay standardization and implementation;
  • experience in wireless product management and prototyping.

About Pharrowtech

Pharrowtech is an equal opportunity employer. We are looking for candidates who best combine technical skills with deep-rooted team spirit, regardless of race, gender, religion or any other factor not relevant for the job.

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